Super mario bros. (fan-made)

a copy of smb

Great game!

@ymxdj0 Great game! I’ve made you some code that can delete blocks when you hit them from underneath. Let me know if you want any further help with it.


thank you very much :sweat_smile: :smiley:

note : if you know how to delete this post to make the better version of the game let me know

@ymxdj0 no need to delete the original post. You can edit your original post or just add another reply to this thread.


wait a minute i just looked at your profile and YOUR THE ONE WHO MADE BOBO THE MONKEY ?!?!?!?!?! OMG I LOVE that game its the who inspired me to make games


Thanks SPerkins25 i needed a mario block detection so i looked it up and i found your code i updated it a bit and i decided to add a few things as well as adding it to my platformer i am making so if you want to check that out here it is
thanks for the assistance in a project i started today

Nice work! Looking forward to the full game.

Yeah! I made a game recently:

(its a different account name)
I think that you should work on the art, but great job!

CRT effect