Super Smash Bros game-need help with side special

I made a new smash bros clone after my last one went wrong, either way, this is a lot better than that project. I’ll add more characters and multiplayer as I go on. But anyway I need help with my side special (right and B) because once you use it, the neutral special (B) has no delay and becomes much more spammable, which is an exploit that I don’t want in the game. If anyone can help me fix this, then reply please and thank you :slight_smile:

I’m sorry for wasting anyone’s time, it really was just a simple variable mistake… Well, this is a lesson to check the problem yourself before you post a topic

I guess I’ll use this topic for future updates on this game

Here is the logo

OK, so I need help with making hitboxes for the characters. Can anyone give an idea on how to make hitboxes?