Super Smash Bros

I will be posting my updates of the game constructive criticism is welcomed, and ideas would be ideal. I hope you find this topic useful and when the game is finished it will be enjoyable😁!


Here’s the first part of my updated 1.2

it only has selection so far, but I will start coding other characters today

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Your Forgot to share the link (If you have one)

Don’t worry! It happened to me Lol

@PixelDoodle here it is hope you enjoy this beginning I starting with! I’ll keep updating it don’t worry.

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It still didn’t post.
First, You gotta click the SHARE PROJECT at the top of your project.
Then Paste it in your Post!

(P.s I really like smash bros so if you find out how to share the link, I might enjoy it!)

look near the top of the topic

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@richard you’re a genius, I’d appreciate if you could help me with my problem, which is The projectile for the red gallery character is supposed to stop in mid air when it overlaps another character so it can complete its animation. The problem is I can’t figure out how to stop the projectile in mid air, so if you could help that would be great🥺!

here’s the link

@SOCKMONSTER12 could you give me a screenshot of the code you’re having trouble with or maybe a smaller project that demonstrates the problem? Also, giving me some steps for causing it to happen in the game would also be helpful.

It’s hard for me to tell exactly what part of your code/game that you’re referring to.

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I just can’t get the animation for the projectile to work when it overlaps a player

Never mind I’ve fixed it and now I’m posting the first character coded in my game, which is semi-done. The character is the gallery red hero, but don’t judge my game because I have a gallery he is one of the few I have the rest are made by me or a friend! I hope you enjoy!

there’s a tiny problem with the code I originally wrote, so I fixed it and remembered I probably should explain the attacks of my Link. He uses the “A” key (no arrows), to attack with his sword. HIs second attack is with the “E” key (again no arrows), to throw a grenade this attack has a seven second reload coded in feel free to change it. To change you have to go into the only forever block, and change the pause time after the “grenade-damage” variable.

@richard. In my game as you may have seen each player has the ability to choose their own character. I’m coding with block code and I have the multiplayer extension. If I set a sprite to any player will the keys automatically be set the player that selected it? I mean if I choose link and I’m player two if the code says on “A” button pressed do blah, blah, blah, Will the “A” button automatically be set to when PLAYER TWO presses the “A” key?

I’ve made some upgrades to the previous map and now have the ninja character in play with landmines as well as the regular katana attack, which doesn’t have a reload time unlike the link character I coded, so he can attack faster, but he’ll do slightly less damage. The landmine isn’t like the grenade attack, which has the “A” key to use. The ninja uses “E” and the down arrow to place, when you place it down it spawns beneath you. To explode the landmine you use “E” and the up arrow. The landmine has the unique ability to explode the walls around it. After ten seconds the walls will respawn as if nothing happened. ANY feedback would be fantastic! Here’s the game…

The new updated version the new updates includes a new map with new features (one difference a type of platform), as well as upgrades to the explosiveness of the landmines! They can now explode a tile up and down. The reason I didn’t do this before was bc I wrote the code wrong and after the wall reappeared (after ten seconds) it would create a new wall up, so you could build walls with the landmines, but I’ve fixed that. I hope you enjoy! and feedback would be great :grin:! Here you go

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I’ve finished another update, with two finished characters the Link has now been outfitted with a bow and a shield the keys for the bow are “B” and the down arrow. The shield attack keys are “A” and the down arrow. This character now works for every single player, so players 1, 2, 3, and 4 can all use Link as well as the ninja! The ninja now has a stun dart attack which is just the “B” key (the ninja still has the landmine attack even though it and the stundart attack quite see eye to eye). The ninja also has a shield attack, which uses the keys “A” and the down arrow. “A” and the down arrow key combo will be used as a shield for all characters. I hope you enjoy these two finished characters in the maps I’ve created I will still go on with this game. Here’s the new game link…