Survival game

Im working on a game and want to know if there is anyone who wants to help

Hey @Purp13 , looks like you are sharing a link to the editor and not your game. That link might work for you but it won’t work for everyone else. Here’s a GIF showing how to create a share link that others can use!

Ok thanks

I want the enemy to move around obstacles that are in the way but when i turn on follow player it just goes in the direction im in and constantly runs into walls

I want the enemy to walks around and when the player comes into view the enemy will follow the player until the player is out of its view for 3 seconds.

And then i want pathfinding so the enemy won’t just run into the walls

I don’t have any extentions that i know will work


They are using it. But they can’t add more extensions thru github. Another option would be to download the extension file and upload it that way, but someone must share the file first.