Survival island

@AlexK I really need help with the tilemaps and positons of trees houses and more.

Sorry about the delay! I’ve been travelling and haven’t been on my computer much.

So, you have a couple of things happening in your core code.

Yours is this:

let human = sprites.create(img`...
`, SpriteKind.player)


JavaScript is case sensitive, which means capitalization matters. So, your code should be this instead:

let human = sprites.create(img`...
`, SpriteKind.Player)


As far as tilemaps go, you create them much the same way you create them in Blocks. Use the Asset Manager (click on Assets at the top of the editor screen) and create your tilemap(s) there.

Once you have a tilemap created (and you’ve corrected the errors in your code), feel free to post a link to your new project and let us know what else you need.

thank you so much

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Lookin’ good! What’s next, @XyHypex2479 ? Where do you need help? I know you mentioned “positions of trees houses and more” in a previous post. What exactly do you want your program to do?

i really need the player to not walk though the trees