Tank motors block moving to next block immediately

Are the tank motors supposed to complete the revolutions before the next block ? In the simple program below I want it to move 2 rotations and then steer. It seems that the program moves into the steer block immediately. I know I can get around this by waiting a couple of seconds after the first tank block or using a while loop with angle value as a condition and not bothering rotations.

However, on the simulator the motors rotate and then steer as expected. Is this a bug or something on my end. I’m using NXT motors at the moment since my team has the EV3 motors, not sure if that’s the problem.

hmm this code works as expected with my EV3 motors:
motors.largeBC.tank(50, 50, 2, MoveUnit.Rotations)
motors.largeBC.steer(200, 50, 2, MoveUnit.Rotations)

One of our teams does have NXT motors but they are very behind and haven’t done any programming for their robot. I’ll test when we meet later today.

Have you tried this at the start?:

Ok, there seems to be a real issue. Port pairs CD does not work, but AB, BC and AD does as expected. I tried CD with the Labview equivalent and it works. Same issue in beta release as well.

confirmed CD pairs do not work for me either. LargeC and LargeD work separately. I took a quick look at outputs.ts and there is nothing obviously wrong in that code.

Thanks for confirming, I hope this gets fixed soon. I’m a new FLL coach with a new team of 6th graders who prefer MakeCode and really don’t want to go the Labview route. For now I’ll get them to avoid port pair CD.

I used LabVIEW for the first time this week for EV3. Do you know why they prefer MakeCode? Is it just familiarity?

They are used to Scratch so moving to MakeCode was easy for them. Also, I find LabVIEW cumbersome with all the wiring between blocks and how they sometimes don’t snap the way you want especially when moving blocks. But, there’s a bunch of pro’s with LabVIEW such as loads of examples in books and online, getting sensor values and trouble free uploads to the brick.