Microsoft MakeCode

EV3 robot won't go straight

I’ve installed the two large motors and fixed wheels with tires on them.

When I instruct the EV3 to go straigt ahead by coding
run lage motors at 100% for 3 rotations

it doesn’t go straight, but moves along a wiggly line and will drift off to the left.
Is this a bug?
Or is there a way to tell the EV3 to go straight foreward?

Looking foreward to your advice


Because real robots don’t drive straight.

If you’re getting better accuracy using the Labview EV3 software or the EV3 classroom software, that may be because they synchronize the two motors. This help minimize one source of inaccuracy, and this can be particularly noticeable at high speed. I’m not sure if makecode synchronizes the two motors. If it doesn’t, you can write your own code to do so.

A better way would be to use feedback from sensors such as the gyro to control the robot’s heading.

Makecode uses a firmware interface to work with motors. So they are in sync. You have motor problems.