Tetris for makecode

so I’ve bin trying to put Tetris in makecode arcade for a wile and I need help anyone who wants can help out. I want to have it like the nes version.

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Randomized Tetris Block Generator (and some art) https://makecode.com/_73oUwy1gxLik

thx, by the way I am working on the music: https://makecode.com/_ccjh2r7Ciad9

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The art + the theme song + some code = https://makecode.com/_7ecbFERUbCKW :slight_smile:

thanks, I think if we use this we can make it work:
forever(function () {
let Tetromino1: Sprite = null
let Tetromino2: Sprite = null
if (Tetromino1.bottom ==Tetromino2.y) {
Tetromino1.setVelocity(0, 0)

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Sorta buggy Tetris pre-alpha 1 - https://makecode.com/_3631gTV24VY4
also the tetris blocks don’t collide yet

that’s ok and thanks but how do we add collision? I tried but I couldn’t get it to work.

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hmm… i’m not sure- maybe if we get help?
for now here’s a less buggy version - https://makecode.com/_JCmLHrH6E0Hh

I added a way to change the music from A type to B type by pressing J and K https://makecode.com/_PLjeEuaoXXwr

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I managed to add Colision!

However if you reach the top the game crashes :frowning: