Minos Odd behavior: 13 yr old plays it on Meowbit, Video

Seems kind of odd that any changes we make to the internal Minos blocks does change them in the initial screen when they scroll across but when the game plays, the altered blocks are eliminated altogether. We thought this alteration of sprites would be a good way to introduce changing code in a program to get a different physical effect. Here’s the video of Maddie playing the game on Meowbit.: https://youtu.be/o8hChTp4HYs Thanks Alex K for the game.

The images that you see in main.ts are just for the splash screen. They are not used in the actual game. To change how the blocks are rendered in the game, you would need to alter the drawBlock routine in custom.ts. The colors that are used for each shape are also found in custom.ts in the TETRONIMOES and PENTOMINOES constants. You can change the actual shapes in those constants, as well.

I see, but there doesn’t seem to be a palate icon in custom ts, not like in main ts, so we’ll have to look into this further. May be beyond our level. I see that because jumping Mateo is in blocks we can easily change the sprite image so that may be a better first game to learn on. Thanks for responding to my issue Alex.

I also find that the code of “Minos” isn’t really easy to handle. In addition to that, I can’t run the game because I have some errors. So I decided to make my own Tetris clone with the ressource that AlexK provided in an other topic.
For the moment, I share this first try as it is because I think it is really easy to understand how it works and can be a good point to start his own Tetris clone. Feel free to use it as you want.