The Backrooms - Level 0 v0.1.0

The Backrooms - Level 0 v0.1.0
I created this game inspired by The Backrooms Level 0 video.
In a nutshell I have made that the monster I can follow you around the map. If he catches you you will die and the game will restart.
Pressing “Q” in the keyboard it is possible to open a kind of 2D map to see the monster (This thing maybe I take it off).
While playing you may hear some very disturbing sounds.

I used the 3D Raycasting extension created by @aqeeaqee. I made all the colors and textures by hand.


Wow, wow, wow!
I was really scared when the monster coming up :scream:
The monster on tilemap is nothing to scare, just an icon,right? So this make me realized the reality of the “3D” sprite, much more than I thought before. And I should work harder to make it better, for more guys can make more interesting “3D” games easily.
BTW, new “Jump” feature for the selfSprite have done, will be released in recent days. Have a try then please!

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This was amazing! I could feel the heebie jeebies when I saw the monster. I eventually switched to the map view, but it was harder to move in, which resulted in a game over.

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Can you give me the link for the extention you used for the 3d render? I made a backrooms game as well several months ago and I couldn’t find a way to add a 3d sprite.

Nevermind, I found the extension link on the other guy’s profile.

The extension can be found on the profile of @aqeeaqee who is the creator of the extension.