The Cutting Room Floor

My current version of Makecode is pretty much broken and is currently making it impossible to make games, so for the meantime: here are a bunch of canceled/unreleased projects that I’ve made along with a description of what they are or what they were going to be. These games are in order of how “finished” they are. Feel free to complete any of these games, just credit me if you release or share it

Pong Forever:

This is a simple port of the pong game into Makecode, the reason it was called “Pong Forever” was that it originally wasn’t playable but instead had the paddles automatically hit the ball, making a never-ending game of pong. I later added the sound effects when that feature was added.

Flappy Bird:

Pretty much just Flappy Bird, the only new feature being a bar that once filled allows you to hit a pipe and not die.


My attempt at making a copy of Windows 95, obviously not finished but more finished than the other projects.

Empty Void:

This game was meant to be a story experience where you explore and talk to many of the souls found around the area. There were two planned endings, one true ending where you talk to everyone and learn their stories before passing on and one where you leave early. This game was canceled because of how much code it took for little progress. I later used sprite-utils to make the interaction code easier but it was still a lot of code.

RPG Test:

This game was going to be another story experience and was canceled because I couldn’t figure out how to program the doors properly


Ok. For the RPG game, the last one, wouldn’t it make sense to use tilemaps?

You mean have each room be an individual tilemap or to just have all the rooms on the same tilemap?

It depends on if you want the player to see the other rooms. If you do, then don’t use different tilemaps. However, if you want the person to not see the other rooms, and probably not return to the previous room, then most likely use individual tilemaps. I guess you can sort of mix both :sweat_smile:.

Also, I love your username! So creative.

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