My son and I started playing around with Arcade a week ago and this is our first project. It’s another homage to Space Invaders and it was a lot of fun to “code”. We are using a PyGamer to play and were shocked to discover the cost of using many sprites (really not that many) on framerate. To address this problem, we converted the shields from 3x3 sprites to a manual (blitted) form, which doubled the frame rate and works in a more organic (rather than blocky) fashion. We also used Klaus’ sound effects extension ( along with a few of the official extensions.

We tried to make the game as authentic as possible but ended up compromising on the number of invader rows to maintain speed and graphical fidelity.

We hope you enjoy this game!


That was a lot of fun to play but also really hard. I personally don’t have hardware that can run these games, so I don’t worry too much about framerate, as I only need to keep the emulator working. Anyways, like I said this is really well done!

Hey - thanks!

You can change ebullspeed in the “levelset” function from 60 to something lower to make the game easier. The key to success in space invaders is to work on the end rows, making them have to travel further sideways to move down.

The emulator is much faster, but it seemed cool to us to use the devices (loaded with our own working games) as gifts. They can be personalized to carry a special message on the title screen and will hopefully inspire other kids to code.

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