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Presenting Space Invaders

I’ve had a lot of fun with this one. It’s complete with all of your alien friends that you remember. OK, not all of them. Yes, you can fit 55 aliens on the screen at once, but it’s very tight and they don’t have much room to move before they destroy your shields. So, I reduced the alien grid from 5x11 to 4x9. It’s still terrifying to see them approach your base in time with the music.

This one pushes the runtime to its limit with the number of sprites it has to keep track of. There will be some screen flicker, and the action will pause as each note plays. I still find the game very playable.

Feel free to remove the block that plays the music, and adjust the timing parameters to your liking to make the beginning of the game more challenging, if you like.

Most importantly, have fun! Happy Friday!


We would like to show case your awesome games on the home screen. Would you be willing to try out our new submission process? The instructions are at and hopefully they are good enough that we can take your game in.

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Thanks, @peli! I’ll be posting a clone of Spacewar in a couple of weeks that should be clear of any copyright concerns. I’ll try out the submission process on that one when I post it.

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control.runInBackground(function () {
    music.playTone(heartbeatNotes[heartbeatNote], music.beat(BeatFraction.Quarter))

If you play the tones this way, they will not pause the game.

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Thanks for that, @mmoskal! I need to go back to all of these Blocks games to get them to work on hardware anyway. I’ll keep that in mind when I build the next version of this game later this month.

Wow, so many cool things you did making this @AlexK! Thanks for sharing it, I learned a lot. It’s my pick for Game of the Week:


Quite an honor, John! Love your choice of focus within the code. Great walkthrough! I love that you’re drawing your audience to the forums, too. Always great to see new folks here!

I do need to get into these older games and update them to run on hardware, as well as to update them to use the Info Screens extension that you mentioned in your video. I’ll be coming back to them soon.

Thanks again, mate! Have a great weekend!