The Legend of Makecode

Hello there! I will make a series of games about this story! But I need your help!
Especially the Devs! It is a game abot them! I will not spoiler anything yet!
What I need you to do (the devs!) Draw youself as a character! Middle Ages themed 16x16!
(Human not an animal)
@shakao As a Wizard/Witch (Math Wizard/Witch) That has a magic staff that shoots!
@richard As a heavy armored Knight with a BIG Hammer or Sword
@jwunderl As a Hunter (And a corgi! Your hunting dog in 10x10) With a Bow
@livcheerful As a Farmer (Stardew valley) With a pitchfork or a scythe
@darzu As a cat whisperer (and 2-4 cats 10x10) (Attacks by sending cats on the enemy)
@hassan As a light armored Knight with a mace or longsword
Side Roles (Not playable just AI)
@Peli As a teacher (With book)
@mmoskal As a Priest

Also I need you to make animations!
For walking up/down/left/right
Using your weapon (If you have no weapon make a punch animation)

Thanks! Thats it for now!


“shigh” I always get left out (JK)

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@DahbixLP I think we have to do an art livestream for this


Well I guess I am not the only one being left out of everything! (You might get a role or something)

I mean if you have time it would be great!

I will take the role but i wasn’t trying to be rude sorry! :relaxed:

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Can’t seem to get it work. Probably try doing this without the door function.

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You have found a bug! Try using a tile other than the door tiles for now. I’m investigating.

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So Just a tile that is in e.g the dungeon category? I guess it makes sense! It does not register the added tiles as tiles… hmm… Thanks for your help (Like if I have to use another tile from another category)

Looks like all tiles in the placeholder category are broken. I’ll make a fix. Thanks for reporting this!

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Ok I used another tile and it works again! Thanks (I deleted the post with the game bc I do not want to show it yet)

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Tentative plan is to do this on Friday’s stream! @livcheerful @darzu @shakao @jwunderl @hassan FYI


Here is the link!

Uhhh by the way I did a githup issue! (Some time ago) and I still have no useful reply… I dont think anybody saw it… only @abchatra but he said :Fyi riknoll but nothing there yet! Just wanted to tell you!