The levels aren't changing

Any suggestions for this student

Hello! The game looks amazing!

Now, here my recommendation…

This is what the student had for the scoring and levels system:

So there are a few problems here. Firstly, pause block around the end wasn’t necessary, and only made the background come later (I’m not sure if this was intentional). Another thing I noticed was that the “change level by 1” block was at the end of the block. I personally prefer to but variable changes at the start, and I’m not very fond of placing them on the very end. I also recommended moving the “show long text” up as well.

And finally… the reason why the level is not changing is because this block doesn’t work with the game as it updates! And what works with the game as it updates? The “on game update” block!

This is what it should look like (according to me ig):

And this is the updated game link:


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