[The Lone Robe] New Game coming soon!

This Trailer teases the origin of The Lone Robe, inspired by my pfp

Wanna help?
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Looks cool

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thx a lot!

Alrighty, for da people that wants a cameo, pls follow the format below




What he do?

[say it down here]

[pick one]Boss, side character, npc

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three bosses, five npcs, two side characters

I added some things

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Nice, after ck3 or when I have time I’ll do it

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who wants to add the sweet sweet LOOOOORE

I wanna make some LORE!’

add whatever lore but it must have some resemblance to the trailer

strylone just a lil

lone robe used to be a cleric for a village until one day he made a spell, a spell so powerful it plunged the world into darkness. but then a light a light he Needed to get to apperead as a last resort he used the last of his magic sendind the world into light again or so he thought… now he lives in a dungeon castign spells for pratice and entertainment to cure his boredom… but then later finds in a old spellbook he is the onlyong to cure the world from darkness from the evil warlock, Andras Marquis of Heck


BRAVOOO with the looorrrrrrrreeeee

guys if you want a comeo pls use this or else i will use ur pfp

[ B ] = Dash
[ B ] + mid-air +[ L ] / [ R ]= slowed down fall
[ U ] =jump
5+ tiles will give 3 hearts of damage


erm guys lemme tag you to see if you would really help
@Mega0star01 @BlastBoxGames

you guys can help with code or art
are you guys really willing to help?

i could help with art, and MAYBE with code.

Looks cool!

Yes I am really willing to help I can help with art, some code, and story/lore stuff