The most frustrating game ever

theres no way you not going to rage at least once. youve been warned

Really enjoy the graphics. Maybe if the objects started their descent a little higher it might feel more fair to the player. High score was 6 earned by sitting on the left side. Kinda cheating.

like it. But I agree with @kalcoslinder. the objects should start higher for the player. Good job!! My high score was 8.

This was very fun. It does test your patience. I agree with @kalcoslinder, the objects could start a bit higher.


high-score was a solid 5, though i could have played longer, #megapatience

This game was SUPPOSED to be unfair for the player

Im going to make another troll game
, and post it here


need paitence

This game almost impossible to play. I agree with the other suggestions, and mine are:

  • make the sprites smaller to give the player more time to react
  • you might want to include some lives (Info -> Set life to)
  • spawn the bombs less often
  • and spawn the food and bombs at random locations within width of the screen, and not on top of each other

Otherwise I like how you documented the code, well done. :ok_hand:

this is unfair to the computer,

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3 words, I HATE IT, I like the game, but it is the most frustrating game

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12 :+1:t2: