The New(ish) UPG and TH Movement "Kit"

Welcome to one of Vertica;'s Blogs, I guess.

Starting off we have the New(ish) UPG that is coming soon, although I do want to maybe do some sort of thing where people can help by adding things to the game if they want, buts it’s not gonna be like a team where some people make music and some make maps and some make gameplay. Although I do want to do ONE poll and that’s if I should add several maps.

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  • No
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Now next we have the “Kit” for TH movement (TH is The Hyperdemon) I don’t know what it’s called but basically, a test map with all the TH movement features, since I really enjoy the TH movement I would like to share with you all! The test map is just for testing movement which you can use the movement in your game! No need for crediting either, although… I don’t know when I’m going to release it.

Ngl i needa start working on this.