This is a new RPG i am working on hope you like it

its not complete but yeah…
i used mini-menu the one i requested in the last post
Spoiler Alert this game has secrets in there (not yet)
here’s a poll

  • Keep on!
  • Nah…no need to do it anymore
  • I want you to do it and dont want in the same time

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A(Select not done yet), B(inventory)



Very interesting! A Pokemon-esque game, keep up the work, I hope to see this completed!

It doesn’t work though so like…

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  • Collab it is
  • nope ain’t doin’ it

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PLease reply:)

I am in if school doesn’t get in the way

edit this code and add stuff in there

it is just a template

I’m busy drawing monsters

Can anyone help to put a battle mode thing?

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Hey softtalker! Sorry ive been on strike for so long its just school so
anyway, I coded a battle sytem and will help input it

i will work on your template though