This took a long time

I just finished making a copy of the super mario bros logo from 1985. I used over eight hours drawing this.
I even made the copyright logo from Nintendo. (I just changed it up a little bitto fit makecode) tell me what you think. It took a long time to make.
Here’s the copyright logo from nintendo:

And then you got mine

Hope you like it


woah cool!

you can’t put a copyright logo in there if its not copyrighted

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And by the way. The copyright logo is just for fun. You can just use it if you want

very cool!

Here’s one that looks a little better

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Yes I know Lucas. I haven’t actually used that in the actual game. I used the quotation marks on the copyright logo in the one I use. You can see it here

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I mean the picture okay

Wow, do you have the code, if you do, can you post so I can play and test it out!?

Ok here’s the code. Btw the code is very buggy right now. I just started trying to implement running animation for mario, and it broke alot of stuff