Three Brave Cats 2: Return to the Sea


What`s here

  • 20 levels
  • Zoom and things and it’s togglable
  • Many bosses
  • and much much more

So I would really like it if this game got the featured game tag but I understand if it doesn’t.
This game is sooooo laggy tha…
Oh no I almost posted a version of the game with all the levels unlocked
that was almost very bad. :joy_cat:
Any ways this game is verrry laggy that I had to put in java to first add the togglable zoom and
help with the lag.
If you find any bugs pls report them here




That was my reaction when this post finally was Approved



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I played it and it was fun

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New update
fixed a few bugs that made it crash

and made the final boss more fun!!!

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Oh and now NPCs will throw stuff more frequently

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AMAZING lucas! Took a while, but I just finished it. Some of my favorite parts:

  • Loved the whole vibe of the dark forest! The mansion level was super cool!
  • CATch some fish cameo was awesome!
  • I really liked the boss battle with the wind, even though it was definitely one of the most dificult!
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Very fun game! Must say, one of the better games on MakeCode - the art and level design is very cool, the movement and combat were also smooth and enjoyable! For the orange robot bossfight - “What? They have a Metal Gear? Here?!” if you know you know (MGR reference) but i found that bossfight to be pretty interesting. The final boss was a real stretch for me but I managed to somehow beat him on 1 heart. Awesome game all in all, hope to see the 3rd part of the series come out someday.

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bruh I died 10 seconds into the game XD

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Game review and rating (bug-fixed version):
– [ Artstyle ] –
☐ A kindergartener drew it
☐ Down bad
☐ Average
:ballot_box_with_check: Good
☐ Amazing

– [ Gameplay ] –
☐ I’d rather watch grass grow
☐ Not very amusing
☐ Alright
:ballot_box_with_check: Enjoyable
☐ Exquisitely masterful (it rocks)

– [ Story ] –
☐ There’s no story
☐ So cliché
☐ Admireable
:ballot_box_with_check: Amazing
☐ You forget you have a life

– [ Performance ] –
☐ Doesn’t run
☐ Seconds per frame
☐ Stitched screenshots
☐ Partially smooth
:ballot_box_with_check: Flawless

– [ Bugs ] –
☐ Fallout 76
☐ Constant crashes
☐ Lots of bugs, little crashing
:ballot_box_with_check: Mostly smooth actually
☐ Properly debugged :point_right::smiley: :point_right:

– [ Length ] –
☐ Flappy bird (3 seconds)
☐ Average runner game (a few minutes)
☐ Minecraft if you git gud (~20 minutes)
:ballot_box_with_check: Fledged RPG game (20 minutes - 1 hour)
☐ How is this MakeCode??? (1+ hour(s))

– [ Difficulty ] –
☐ Cookie clicker
☐ Easy
☐ Easy to learn, hard to master
:ballot_box_with_check: Challenging
☐ Dark Souls

– [ Replayability ] –
:ballot_box_with_check: One-time experience
☐ For collectibles
☐ Every once in a while
☐ For sure
☐ It’s meant to be replayed

– [ Overall ] –
Rating - :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: [4.5/5]
Review - ‘Three Brave Cats 2: Return to the Sea’ is an interesting RPG-platformer style game with interesting gameplay and mechanics. It presents the player with a classic platformer experience while implementing a story, continuing the tale told in the 1st installment of the series. The game also improves upon many aspects of its predecessor. The game has a great number of stages the player has to pass, each increasing in difficulty and introducing new enemies. The art is well-made and the levels are well designed and built. Overall a game worth playing.


I can speed run thes game in a few minutes


In the summary and review I list how the average player might experience the game :slight_smile:

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Why don’t you rate some older game like tiny wizards

Refer to the review topic, there you can submit requests for older games I may have missed.

Some BIG stuff soon

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Amazing game is have just played! The pixel art was fantastic, and bosses were almost impossible to defeat!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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I kind of love WIND is these type of games

AAAARRG WHY it’s all wrong
this is not accurate to what really happened!
Well not really you Just left out the ending of this story!!

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Well ummm lag and stuff

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