Tilemap Editor being weird?

I have been having this glitch for at least a month now, where the tilemap editor displays certain tiles with different tiles, but they will show up and act correctly in the game. (Ex: The walls will be shown as floor, or the door will be replaced with a wall.) they all just get mixed up for some reason, and i want to know how to fix it. Refreshing will help the first time you open a tilemap, but the second time or so the glitch will happen again.

Please at least give me an explanation!!!


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Thanks for your message. We’ve added a ticket for this in Github and will take a look after the Holidays!

This happens to me almost everytime I open the tile map editor - closing and reopening it will fix it.

Wow, I was not expecting to get a response from the website itself, lol. Thank you for planning to take a look at this issue.