Tilemap (...)

My students use Chromebooks to design their games. They are in school one day and at home the next. A few have reported that when importing their work from their google drive they are getting an error and their tilemaps aren’t loading. Tilemap(…). This is causing them to have to redesign the tilemap. Btw we save to google drive each day after working on our arcade games and then import from google drive. Any tips would be appreciated. tilemap error

This is probably a bug.

Hmmm… The example you shared is working fine for me. When you say import from google drive, do you mean you are downloading the project and then importing the file? What format are you downloading in?

Also if you see this happen again it would be very helpful if you could grab a console log. On chromebooks, you should be able to open the browser console by pressing CONTROL + SHIFT + J. If there appear to be any errors (red text), paste them here.