Tilemaps connecting by doors

I’m trying out the tilemaps extension and im trying to figure out how to connect the tilemaps together. There’s a block where you can connect by doors but I don’t know how to use them. Anyone know what to do?


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I tried creating two tilemaps, but I could not figure out how to connect the two by a ‘Door’. I did find this discussion which might help.

The help documentation, the link shown when installing the extension, does not explain what every block does.

Otherwise you could ask Richard.

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Thank you! I’ll use this information and if needed ill ask Richard!

@richard could you maybe help with connecting two tilemaps together with the extension like in this post?

two tilemaps… hmm… I tried this before and I did a block where it says if mysprite overlaps (some kind of block) then place him into new tilemap and on a random block That’s what I do

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I’ve done it the same way that Dreadmask197 suggested. If your rooms are the same size, you could also define a North, South, East, West column and row locations and place your sprite at the appropriate one when entering a room. I think the issue with this method is that it gets a little cumbersome when you get above 3-5 rooms

The advanced live stream gets into room switching in this live stream:

Might be a little advanced for a 9 year old student though, but it could give you some ideas that you could simplify.


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@timber never said he was 9. If he was, then maybe he has a parent accompanying him.

True. I never said that he was 9 though. I just said. Sorry for mistaking your age @timber

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Oops…that was my mistake. I got the age from the other post someone shared above. Sorry for the confusion.


Here’s an example:

I added comments to explain the code. Let me know if you have any questions!


thanks, your code is so beautiful :sob:

obs: i tried for hours and sorry for this crippie text i am Brazilian


I have done this before! It is actually quite easy! All you have to do is use the on sprite of kind () overlaps (tile) at location block. When it overlaps the door, set the tilemap to whatever you want the next one to be. To keep track of what room you are in for different things within the game, I like to use variables. Hope that this will help you!

i am brazilian too