List of features for every Level

Hi Makecode Team,
My student (9yr old) and I am trying to create a game similar to Dangerous Dave (from my childhood) and are looking for a neat way to create a list of features in every level so that we can spawn the sprites and destroy them at the start and end of every level respectively. Here is where we are now - Level 3 Git repo of DaveAwesome for Arcade. Please suggest some ways to implement this. Feel free to also make other design suggestions.
Warm regards
MINT Genie

Check out

And here is a relevant example I made for someone yesterday that shows the usage:

(press A to open the door)

It basically ends up being similar to what you already have but with some nicer blocks: delete all of the sprites when unloading a tilemap and recreate them when loading a new one.

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That extension also has some useful blocks for creating sprites:

You can use that first block along with the “on sprite created” event in the sprites category to initialize enemies. The cover block is useful for hiding utility tiles (like the “enter” tile in the example I gave). It will make that tile look like another but still lets you use overlap events for the “real” tile.

Cool Extension. Does the tilemap unload automatically when new tilemap is loaded?. Also, will I have to redo all my tilemaps. coz, I dont see a way I can add my existing tilemaps to array as you show above :frowning:

@MINTGenie here you go:

I upgraded the tilemaps from the old ones to the blocks from the package.