TMNT yeah!

so. many moons ago aka 2 months ago i got REALLY into tmnt so when i saw I can play the original games in tmnt the cowabunga collection i wanted it

now some people said you can emulate it but WHATS THE FUN IN DAT so imma waste 40 bucks down the drain. BUUT before i need to wait becaude to put a date on it its the 13 of december so i have to wait because christmas but if ya don’t know game boy the 1989 one had 3 games one of them is the first one which is a beat um ups and cool
SO I WANT THAT(i even want instead of green green and green have peach purple and grey)

i just want that first one but BETTER so good luck i guess


Wait, so you want a tmnt game for makecode?

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yeah i kinda want Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan for gameboy because i LOVE classic games so i would like a beat um ups to play on my meowbit(a meowbit is a portable gaming device where you can play make code arcade games but yeah i do want a BEAT UM UPS but it doesnt have to be a tmnt game i just want a BEAT UM UPS