Today's tilemap extension stream (#25 maybe?)

My schedule today just happened to work out to be able to catch today’s tilemap extension stream. Despite the difficulties you ran into, the stream was great!

A couple of things I noticed:

Several times you referred to connections as linking tilemaps by a “name” rather than a “kind”. I think I would like to see the extension updated to use “name” here. It seems like (and, admittedly, I haven’t built any games that use connections yet) connections will most likely have to be unique linkages between tilemaps. Since connections are bi-directional, it seems that it’ll be unlikely that “kinds” will be able to be reused very often. (Consider an overworld or hub location… each connection will have to be uniquely named to avoid building a conflicting connection.) The “kind” terminology is already employed for Sprites, where, re-using kinds definitely makes sense. So I think “name” is a nicely distinct term for what seems like a distinct kind type of concept.

That show physics flag looks potentially handy! Thanks for showing it off.

The overlaps tile trigger is sometimes not what you want. I think I saw @darzu already made an issue for this in response to a different stream, but this stream showed it off pretty well too. The current event seems to run when a sprite edge hit tests against a tile—which is particularly awkward for things like entering doorways. @darzu suggests having a handler that runs when the whole sprite is contained by the tile (but that seems problematic for other reasons); my alternative suggestion is to have a handler that runs when the sprite’s x/y (the center of the sprite) moves onto a tile. I used similar logic on (which also uses the tilemap extension!), and that behavior seems to feel pretty good (entering doorways; pushing the buttons) without running into precision issues of having to be fully contained by the tile.

Lastly (and I know you have no control over this, but maybe you can pass the feedback along), Mixer’s account permissions for using a Twitter login are pretty aggressive: permission to post on your behalf; permission to follow and unfollow people; permission to update your profile. I decided to anonymously lurk rather than sign in because of that. (Afterwards, I realized I probably should have just used my xbox live account credentials… that counts as a Microsoft login, right?)

Again, thanks for doing these streams! They’re really fun to watch, even when there are difficulties.

Thanks for your insight and feedback as always!

You’re right, connections are really “names” not “kinds”. I filed an issue:

I think you’re right that x/y center is very useful. The question becomes how to we present this choice to the user in a way that isn’t confusing. We’ve already shipped the current semantics of “overlaps” so can’t change that meaning. Perhaps in the issue you linked ( there could be three drop down options: “touching” (existing), “on” (x/y center), “enclosed by” or something. I can’t think of good naming to differentiate these however.

Thanks for the feedback on Mixer, I sent the Mixer team a message letting them know this was an issue.

Thanks for watching and giving feedback!

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