TOP SECRET: Spy Game Jam

So I have my own jam… Open tommorow, may 5th, until may 26. Then I will judge until the end of the month. There will also be a fan vote too!


i joined and im dev

Question to @shakao @richard @livcheerful @jwunderl or any other moderator. Would you like to judge in my game jam?

ik u said u will judge but i think it would be better if there were 2 judges soo…

can i be a judge?

can i be judge or just a voter?

Remember, judges can’t participate. Anyways feel free, but you need an account.

Anyone who participates can vote, but only judges can do certain categories and can’t participate.

can i participate to

ok i already changed my name but my display name is girlwhocode but my original permanent name is developer aka dev

and also i might start making my game on the spy jam when i submit my time jam game or when the time jam ends

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Sure just head on over to and join! Just br sure to tell me who you are there.

yes i know jugdes can’t participate, and i do have account

I need to know your username to make you judge… @LaserFoxPro

what do you need to know?

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oh my username is the same than here lol

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ok you should have sent him a private message or people will ya know press it but i won’t press it

There aren’t PMs

well atleast delete the post when he clicks it or something

DMs are disabled on the Forums and it is technically against the rules for 2 (or more) users to interact outside of the Forums. But you could have asked one of the mods to start a DM between @Agent_14, @LaserFoxPro and one of the mods.

wow! I cant wait to see [if there is a] the winner!