Cyber's [UNOFFICIAL] Game Jam Tournament!

Welcome to CGJT! In today’s [WHATEVER DAY THIS GOT APPROVED] bracket, we have… wow, these people are very good at making GAME. So we have,

@Opisticks and… @UnsignedArduino! Your theme is: Space! (raycast extension is fine for use.)

You have until, the first day of December, 10:59AM.

NEXT BRACKET: @personalnote and @Gideon_loves_cats.


if i dont submit a game before 3 days of December 1st its because I have to do school work and actually plan the parties so sorry if I didn’t make any games for this tournament so

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Can I Join this?

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I’m sorry, I can’t participate in this game jam. I’m very busy this fall/winter.

But thanks for saying that I make good games. :slight_smile:

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lol not sure if i’ll drop out in like the first 5 minutes of my bracket but I’ll try to finish a game on time

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ye me too im too busy so you can just kick me out =)

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Aight, new bracket: @Lucas_M and @TheGreenArtist! Same stuff.

Hey I’m up for a good speed-game! count me in whenever!

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Yeah I’m pretty sure the coder king is going to crush a lot of coders :smirk:

Sorry to busy with school, the official mini game jam, and making another big game.

I might be able to make a game but I have a whole lot going on right now

something is sus here


Whoever i get paired with, here is a link to a template

What’s sus

AYO, that is weird.

chill man chill

can i join?
i was nominated for coder kings 2!

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ehh probably not. I mean u revealed the theme.

Sorry won’t be able to participate in this right now why don’t you get the people who want to participate instead of @ing random people and hoping they can do something

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