Trying to use a 32x32 as tile map

Hi everyone,

One of my Middle School students is trying to use a 32x32 image as tilemap, but the image is being cropped. What can he do to get the full image shown and used?


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Is the skyscraper image meant to be a map or a background image? If you are trying to create a tilemap, then you should use the camera follow block from the scene category; this will make it so that the image scrolls as the player moves around.

If you are just trying to create a building as a background image, then you should use the set background image block in the scene category.

I hope that helps!

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your answer. Sadly, when he tries to use it as a background image the building becomes too small (like an 1/8 of the screen), and there is no resize tool either. What would you suggest us to do?


Alejandro Corredor Parra

IT/ICT Education Expert

Have you tried this?