Larger tilemaps

I’m trying to make a game similar to Super Smash Bros. I’ve made a 32x32 tilemap, which I would like to fit in the whole screen at once. Unfortunately, the screen only shows 8x8 tilemaps. How do I fix this?


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try make 4 8x8 tiles as and then place them together like a 32x32 tile

In the “scene” tab, there should be a block saying something like camera follow (sprite), which should work. Please tell me if you’ve tried this, and/or what else you’ve tried, and I’ll be able to help more?

from what i seen using mini-map extension works

Idk, the zoom extension that was made zooms out but with black borders.

you will find the answer


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Thank you so much! It worked, but now my background image is extremely small. Can this issue be fixed? Thanks!

im sorry but i dont know how to do that yet
i will try to find a way

just change the backGround size to the same size then the screen

What does that mean?