Turkey game

@richard in the turkey tutorial the tutorial with getting more turkeys does not work when it shows you how to not get way too much score

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@Grimm I can help you with that. Can you share the link to your project or add a screenshot?

This overlap block doesn’tScreenshot (41)

In this case, the overlap block is doing the right things. The issue seems to be with using the mySprite variable instead of using the “sprite” block from the overlap container itself. Also, that first block should be an add empty tile block.

Give that a try and see what happens!

Thank you so much it worked :sweat_smile:

Yay! How did your finished game turn out?

Good here’s the link https://makecode.com/_VYs9vVYLwJRE

Yay. It works perfectly! Have you shared it with anyone else yet? What did they think?

No i haven’t shared it I just noticed a new skill map and I was bored so I tried it :sweat_smile: