Tutorial not showing icons option


I’ve written a micro:bit tutorials for participants, and some of the blocs cited in my tutorial don’t appear in the selection. Specifically the ShowIcon and Clear Screen… any idea why? did I mistype it? The hint displays the right thing, but the block selection just doesn’t include them… I tried changing ShowIcon with Show Dels, and it still isn’t showing…

Any ideas of how I can fix it?

Here is my code:

Step 6:

**Add display symbols- continued **

  1. Select the ||basic: showIcon|| block from Basics, and add it underneath the first ||logic: if potato = 0|| block. Choose the Skull icon.
  2. Drag in ||basic: clear screen|| block from Basics under the second ||Logic:if then|| block
  3. In the third ||logic: if then|| block, change the ||logic: ""=""|| symbol for the ||logic: "">""||symbol
  4. Drag a ||basic: showIcon|| block from basic below the third ||logic: if-then|| and select an image that reminds you of a potato
  5. From the variable tab, add a ||variables: change potato by 1|| block, and modify the number to -1
basic.forever(function () {
    if (Potato == 0) {
    if (Potato == -1) {
        if (Potato > 0) {
            Potato += -1