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Tutorial Tool, blocks not appearing

I’ve been writing a few tutorials majority are fine to bring in all the blocks. However, there are a couple where the blocks do not appear in the list of blocks and appear grayed out in the tutorial hints.

I have checked the name of the class and the function, all are correct. Can anyone shed some light on it?

Github repo

The tutorial hints code is

~ tutorialhint

let speed = 0
basic.forever(function () {
    speed = kitronik_labbit.readScaledAnalogInput()

screenshot of the hints

@peli @abchatra I spoke to Mark and was not sure, he also said worth adding in the errors from the browser console. I know the errors for the png files is cause the repo is a private one. But I had this issues even before when the repo was public

Did you add the package (like neopixel)


I have not added the package in, my understanding was that if the tutorials are in the same repo of the blocks you did not need to import the package. I shall give it a try and see if it solves it

This did not work trying to import the package in, but I have noticed that the tutorials are not pulling in the latest block. Does the tutorials only update on a 0.1.0 release rather than a 0.0.1 release?