Tutorials for Arcade Makecode

@jacqueline.russell I am looking for Arcade tutorials so I can be much, much more comfortable with Arcade before launching my APCSP classes this fall. Can you please direct me? The videos I linked from Participate have all disappeared and gone the way of the internet, sadly.

A series would be huge helpful. Thanks.

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When you are on the MakeCode Arcade main page (https://arcade.makecode.com) look below the “My Projects” section at the top and you’ll see the “Skillmaps” section, and below that is the “Tutorial” section. I would complete both of the skillmaps and the game maker guide in the “Skillmaps” section, and then complete the tutorials.

Do the skillmaps first because they are very good at introducing the basics.

That’s what I did before teaching computer science this summer and I felt pretty familiar with MakeCode by the time the class started. Good Luck!

Also, if you don’t know, they have CS MakeCode teaching resources. Here’s a link: https://makecode.com/csp

Yes, try the Skillmaps on the Arcade Home Page -

They’re a great introduction to making simple games. You can also do some stand-alone tutorials like Chase the Pizza, Galga or Collect the Clovers. These are also on the Home Page just below the Skillmaps.

Hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any feedback on any of these!