Umbrella runners 2p


I love the theme! Very creative

Thanks for playing my game! It would be great to hear if it needs improvements here and there.
The game has a few secrets to discover too.
I have also made it compatible to Meowbit and other platforms.
Some updates are coming soon.

I really like how big these levels are. One thing that you might consider is that the white umbrellas don’t seem much more dangerous than the normal traps that summon wind. I wonder if they could be uniquely dangerous somehow. Another thing you might consider is, because there are so many levels and the levels are so big, perhaps the player gets to save their progress at some points.

This live stream talks about how you can save and load game progress if you’re interested:

Overall I really enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for the feedback. I will definitely take this onboard and use this to improve Umbrella Runners 2p. Also thank for the link this will allow me update the game faster. I am also in the middle of developing a sequel to the game so watch this space!

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Here is the new game I was talking about!

Hope you enjoy!