Uncle Earl - Survival / Management Game

Before you proceed, you might want to read the instructions on how to play.

  1. Find some gaps on the sides of the ground to go underground and collect radishes.
  2. Carrots are not used for food, but rather money. And also you can press “A” to shoot them at enemies and distract them for a little while.
  3. Enemy attacks will sometimes miss, but it’s still best not to overlap them.
  4. Press the down button to interact with the dollar-hop (the $hop), doctors, and pirates.
  5. Trade seashells, sand dollars, or starfish that you find on the beach with Captain Neil to get more carrots.

Have fun!


Love the pixel art!

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Great game at this rate you will be better than @Lucas_M :joy_cat: :joy_cat:

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Thanks for the encouraging comments guys! Here’s a little update:

Also once you get to 10 carrots you can buy a fishing rod by interacting with the sign next to the water. You can then show/hide it by press B.

The NPC by the sea straight up murdered


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Great Game By the way PrinceDaBezt13 thanks for liking my game star pup

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