Unofficial Makecode Educator Resource Website

Hello Educators,

I recently created a Google Site that I will be posting the Makecode resources I create and use in the classroom. So far, there are only Makecode Arcade slides but I will be posting Microbit, CPX, Minecraft and eventually Scratch. The link to the website is below. Please give me any feedback and hopefully this will save people time. Most of the instructional slides are taken from other tutorials, but just scaffolded/modified and some are originals.

Unofficial Makecode Resource Website


This is very useful Thank you for this

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I have one suggestion can you have the finished game sent as a link in the end of google slides like here is what it should like

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That is a good idea. I can put the link of the finished game & embed it on the website.

Very much welcomed and appreciated, thank you!!! -I was coincidentally actually looking for something like this just now. Great work and contribution to the community!

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By the way, I’m not an educator; I’m simply teaching my nieces and nephew the fundamentals of computer programming, haha.

Awesome! I am glad it you found and hopefully get something from it. Please let me know if you want to see anything and the site will continue to be added to.

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It is all good, computer programming is an excellent way to teach problem solving and logic and Makecode Arcade does that in such a fun and engaging way! Love the feedback and made the updates to the site. There is a link to the completed projects and the games are embedded, so they can be played in the website.

Add a new lesson for a game called “Survive”. It is all about surviving the never ending zombie horde as long as you can. This game covers ammo bar, direction projectiles and spawn points using tilemaps. Check it out and let me know if you want to see anything or you have any feedback.

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