Unused concept art archive 📁

A while ago, I made a bunch of concept art for an ‘OS’ of sorts called ‘Root’. The art was never realized, and I don’t plan on doing it, probably ever. (This is a big, big idea and I’m short on time and resources atm. Not to mention it would have to be perfect for me to release it.)

Basic utilites

Resource manager

Start menu & search


File explorer


Lock screen

Felt like releasing the art if anything, since I had nothing better to do with it.


Was just typing that this looked BEAUTIFUL when my computer actually blue screened lol! What did you make all this in, it looks very advanced


Wow! The art is absolutely stunning!


Here’s an interactive version:

Use A (space) and B (enter) to move back and fourth between images. Press menu to lock controls. You can also move the cursor with the arrow keys.


It’s all in the MakeCode image editor w/ the default palette! I tried going for the classic arcade look without modifications. The fonts are all custom and written by hand, although every character is in a standard format. I copy pasted some, but most of them i drew in from memory every time since I got used to it at some point. The fonts are availiable in size 5 (lower and uppercase) and 4 (only uppercase). I can release them standalone as art if anyone’s interested.

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Wow actually, if you wouldn’t mind releasing those, that would be great! I’ve done custom fonts for games before but the smallest I got was like… 5 by 8!

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Do you guys think I should make more when I have time?

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The font is 4xN… some letters are wider than others. The narrowest letters (ex. “I”) is 4px wide and the widest ones (M&W) are 7px wide. I swear I had all letters and symbols mapped out somewhere, but I can’t find them…