Username change requests

This is a topic where you can request a username change. Please use the following format:

Current name: MakeCode
New name: MakeCodeAdmin

Please keep in mind that username changes should not happen too often–we don’t have a hard limit right now but if folks are requesting name changes every week we may add more rules. Changing your username repeatedly will also make it harder for other forum users to know who you are.

The mods will go through these requests and update your account but please be patient, changes will not be instant!


Could i change my username to Grimm? Please and thanks.

Admin edit:

Current name: Orifan1
New name: Grimm

jamie grimm lol

Current name: SilentGaming
New name: CyberPulse

Admin edit:

Current name: howard
New name: Soft talker

Current name: gideonmayhew
New name: Gideon_loves_cats

Current name: Erico
New name: Taser

Current name: Uggie
New name: xxJavaLockedxx

Current name: Opistickz
New name: Opisticks

current name: Cbomb
New name: cSquared

Current name: S0m3_random_guy
New name: Sarge