Vampire survivors game

So, i have been recently posting topics about my game Survivors
I am looking for some people to give me a hand
If you have some time, be sure to like my posts as i am looking to smash out some badges. Thanks

Here is my game so far:

  • What would people like to work on?
  • Artwork
  • Gameplay mechanics
  • Bosses
  • Characters
  • Weapons
  • Other (Suggest ideas)

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Even small contributions are most appriciated
Some people like @PixelDoodle @Sarge @VerticalBoosts would be very helpful as they are the best in their fields

And anyone else is most appreciated :100: :woman_technologist:


I’ll work on bosses

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Give me half a day

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Gigatron, The Scrap Bot
You can choose your own mechanics!