Version of Snake

A version I created for intro to Game Design for middle schoolers…


Nice! It looks like we are missing short button presses though. It might be snappier if you use the events.

The key events were actually not snappy enough, although now I see they have a PRESSED mode. Might have to try a version with those, but I also have teaching goals, so introducing how to test key pressed was an added bonus.

Yeah, the pressed event would be what you want; if you were using the repeat event that one waits for a delay of 500ms before applying the first event, but can be modified with a block from the controller extension:


(delay being how long to the first occurence, so 0 ms if you want it to fire right away, and interval is how long between repeats of the event)

But it does also make sense to use it with the introduction of conditionals ~

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