VerticalBoosts Game Status

Alright, so here are some updates on my games.
I am currently working on 2 games right now.

  • Cuboid Adventure
  • ???
    I also plan to update Untitled Parkour Game: New Heights with its v1.6, but I need a tad bit help because I plan to make a combo system, but I don’t know how I’ll work that.

Another thing is that there may or may not be a sequel to these games

  • The Arctic
  • Galatic Madness
    Anyways “quick” summary!
New Games

Cuboid Adventure is being worked on and it has 2 levels done so far! New mysterious game, all I say is that its a card game!

UPG Plans

A new combo system and a new map!


Alright here, I’ll confirm the “sequel” to The Arctic. It’s more of a revamp though. Galatic Madness is a maybe, I don’t know if I will but its a maybe.

And thas really all I have to say so… yeah!


Cool! Its good to see you are keeping organized and productive!