VerticalBoosts May Status Update: TRDO, TH, and Other Games

Here are updates on things I’m doing.

Game Challenge

Yeah, so it’s basically inspired by Blackthornprod’s “_ amount of devs make a game without communicating” This may or may not happen, but basically you get like 3 hours to make a game and then pass it on to someone else.

Cancelled Games

Cancelled game, on a cancelled game, on a cancelled game.

Oh boy, every sequel I planned is basically cancelled and maybe Cuboid Adventure (it’s really based on if I wanna work on it.)


Only guaranteed games to come out right now! TRDO is The Road Down Otherstreet which is a turn-based game that uses cards.

TH is The Hyperdemon which is a game similar to Ultrakill and was the “Ultracube must live” (which was its placeholder name) game.

Game Lore

Just a bonus section I wanted to add for the games I’ve made (and posted) on the forums.

Non-Cubeyworld Games

Galactic Madness (and Ethereal Craziness)
In ethereal craziness, you are trying to defeat the “King of Space” in GM (Galactic Madness) you are trying to finally reach your home planet after defeating “KoS” (King of Space).

Button Chaos
A silly little game, there is no lore.

Get information for your team and destroy asteroids that are about to hit earth.

Cubeyworld Games

Untilted Parkour Game: New Heights
Death wishes you Midnight, Midnight wishes you death

Grandwatch Raiders
you are part of a criminal organization that steals from the bank and other stuff. After stealing from the Cubeconquest’s Third Sanre Bank you get into a whole lotta problems

Decaying Riot
You are in an organization known as “Grandwatch” and you need to kill Orbunny’s brother (I literally forgot the name, don’t blame me.) and stop a riot.

Cuboid Adventure
Mystical arrow.

The Arctic
You are stranded and need to survive, the Golden Scratcher is coming. PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE!!!

The Road Down Otherstreet (And The Hypderdemon)
You are just trying to explore the Otherworld and you need to beat people to get there. In The Hyperdemon, you are the friend of the explorer and are trying to just do the mission for the Treasurer.

That’s all! And sorry for so much in lore lol.


Cool game challenge idea :eyes:


57 seconds, 57 seconds until I can like things.

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Small update, TRDO is getting closer and closer to finishing (this game is also technically the hyperdemon prequel)

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I am mainly working on attacks, and I just finished up on the 5th boss attack and now working on the 6th and 7th boss attacks. then I will need to make the win area and probably some win-related rewards. (possible, but it might just be a system where it says how many wins you had.)

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