Very important feature for makecode editor

This is mainly for the Makecode Development Team.

I know this is not Game Design, but this is on the design of the Makecode Arcade Editor.

@Kiwiphoenix364 gave an idea in an earlier topic, and I would like to share that with you. I think it would really help make bigger projects easier to code.

So the idea is that we assign different pages/scenes to sprites like Scratch or Godot. So in Godot, you can create a scene/page for your main character and attach that scene/page to the main scene, which would be where your main project would be and where all the scenes/pages will connect. And with each page or scene different and individual, the editor should hypothetically use less power. Kind of like Minecraft, where the game only renders chunks that are around the player. Every chunk that isn’t is either not loaded or deleted.

It could also be possible to instead of making scenes/pages, you can allow us to create sub-projects under the main project. It works in the same way, but it feels more realistic than having scenes/pages that somehow make Makecode use less power. So basically we create a type of project labelled, “Sub-Project” under a pre-existing regular project. Then those 2 projects will share assets, sprite types, extensions, and variables. Every time the sub-project is saved, there will be a block in the main project under the On Start block with the same name as the sub-project’s name. If the block already exists, then the block will update depending on what happened in the sub-project (new sprite types, variables, if-else statements, new sprites, new button inputs, etc). So we can decrease the number of blocks in the editor, thus reducing the amount of power that the editor will use. We can use this feature for characters, enemies, overlap code, etc and cut the number of blocks in the editor by a lot.

I would really appreciate it if you could consider this feature.


yeah, we already kind of have this, because in the javascript editor you can have different scripts like this

well i was referring to the block editor, cause I don’t do javascript.

well I’d better get used to javascript eventually

i mean, javascript is a bit more advanced, with more features, and this adds to that. but things will only go right if you know what you’re doing. blocks isnt like that, its made to be easy to learn, but it doesnt have those same advanced features the ts editor has. its a kind off tradeoff if you ask me. the block editor was never even ment to hold big projects anyway.

well, either way, i still hope this feature gets added to the block editor because I’m currently working on a very big project and its very hard to continue with the lag in the editor.

@richard is there a way to make the editor faster or make it use less power? (note: I collapsed all the blocks in the editor)

@personalnote if you collapse the simulator when you’re not using it, it should speed things up a bit

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thank you very much