Makecode is too slow

Makecode is too slow for big projects. if this counts as a repost i’ll take it down. i’m not so sure if it is though.

it could also depend on the divice that you are on and if your divice is slow or not i do some of this on ipad and its really slow and runs way better on pc and laptop can work with a decent sized project but if it gets to big it slows down

well, i use a 2018 Macbook Air for makecode, so I’m mainly having problems with makecode being slow on big projects

What we need is, ways to either assign code to sprites with separate pages per sprite (similar to Scratch), OR, just the ability to create and name new pages of blocks where it still interacts with the other blocks, but they are just on different pages. This way, you could designate different pages to different mechanics, for example, one or two pages for mechanics, one page for levels, and one page for animations (obviously having the ability to create maybe unlimited, or maybe a limit of a high number of pages like 32 or 64). This would minimize lag by not having to render all of the blocks at once (which causes massive lag, especially in a browser). I would like to see an application that takes full advantage of the pc’s cpu, but that’s probably not easily possible and could still cause lag if the project is too big.

Also, this is somewhat related and somewhat unrelated, but the ability to link multiple games together with seamless transitions and maybe 1 or 2 variables being able to be transferred over would be really nice, just to have not too many variables specific to specific levels of a game clogging up the editor, having more than the tile limit (which I’ve never exceeded anyways), and easier BIG games (especially ones with world maps/hub worlds.)

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yeah, i think it would be a smart idea to create “sub-games” of a project and when you finish everything you link everything together. And it also might be more useful that having an application version cause like you said, an application can still lag if the project is massive.