Video: QR code on Arcade display works!

This video shows that the resolution on Arcade hardware allows recognition by a cell phone of a QR code which then takes the mobile device to a specific URL. We can now use one Meowbit to command another Meowbit to display a QR code , a camera focused on that code-on-screen will offer the video to be viewed remotely. Try it with your cell phone camera: Code:


i was expecting a rickroll lol

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Video: Robotic Dashcam carrier transmitting Arcade console image to computer monitor:

Video, baby steps (Iterative Design) : Remote control robot carrier moves Arcade console to deliver QR code symbol activated via SD Wireless. When computer web cam ‘sees’ QR symbol it logs onto YouTube to display live feed from Starbase City, south Texas. We throw in the dash cam recording to micro-SD card just for grins: