Arcade for Storytelling and Controlling Electronics

We are using Meowbit by Kittenbot with their Robotbit and programming it in Arcade to show scenes and tell stories as we build a static Starship model. We will animate this model with sensors and actuators in Arcade with the Robotbit extension. Videos will show the progress on this channel; the model is in 3D printed parts which we will assemble as we receive them from printer. The children that I work with are ages 8-14 yr old and we hope to resume meet-ups this Spring or Summer: Code is in the video description.

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I think that is the wrong link…

This is the video link: video link

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Welcome back!

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You’re still around, Peli ? Good to hear from you. I cannot find a program link to : convert png image to sprite. . I have tried for half hour to install his extension from github and it will not install, Arcade says it can’t be found with any link that I try. Has anyone used this extension and if so, would they share the link to code so it will install on my machine? thanks.

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Never mind. I found that it is not an extension.


It is not an Arcade extension! It’s a webpage that converts images to the JavaScript equivalent!

You can find the tool here.

I just use this link from the repository, image to MakeCode:

You’re still around, Peli ? Good to hear from you.
Yup still around.

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In anticipation of tomorrow’s (or Saturday’s) launch of SpaceX serial number 9 Starship, we now have a launch background and text in our Arcade code for storytelling. I am expecting more 3D printed parts for our Starship model which we will animate with Kittenbot Robotbit and Meowbit with Arcade, videos of our progress will be uploaded to YouTube. The beginning code:

The screen background in my previous post here shows a human operating a fork lift to deliver a Raptor power plant for installation on a Starship at SpaceX Boca Chica shipyard. We showed last year that we could use JACDAC (by @jamesadevine ) to drive an omni-directional wheeled delivery vehicle from GHI BrainPad (by @Gus Issa) to a Meowbit (by @ Christina Zhang-Kittenbot) using MS MakeCode Arcade, with omni wheels, no human is necessary to operate a steering wheel, video: , if we had code for proximity sensor for Arcade and Meowbit/Robotbit (the extension) we could automate this delivery vehicle.

Photo conversion background scene in Arcade. Raptor engine #45 delivered yesterday to SpaceX shipyard in South Texas. Probably to be installed on Starship #10. We can animate a robot car built like a fork lift to show delivery of our model engines using Arcade and game console with powered expansion board:

We do not have Arcade with JACDAC working at this time to control our robotic transporter at the SpaceX shipyard (assembling 3D printed model of Starship) but we will use, for the time being until we get JACDAC again, the MicroBit and Yahboom Superbit powered expansion board with omni-tread wheels. There a number of videos on this channel showing our past work with Arcade, This video explains it better:

I have moved notice of our Starship project over to the “Microbit” part of this discussion forum. When we get back to JACDAC controllers then we will add “storytelling” with Arcade to our project. I have also changed to the MakeCode and Hardware Youtube channel for posting our videos; we will go back to Arcade and Engineering channel when we start back with Arcade game consoles. Here’s our latest video with links to code and parts: