Voice clips

I had an idea that can make better games. Voice clips! Voice clips could make more advanced games, but I think there should be one limit to it, it should be at max 10 seconds long, but you can have as many as you want.

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If you mean ‘voice clips’ as in mp3 recordings of your voice to drop into your game, it won’t be possible due to MakeCode limitations.

2 problems:

  • It would use a ton of storage, to compress them use MP3 or something like that, but decoding that is very resource intensive, and will severely reduce FPS while decoding. (And, since we are even more constrained on RAM, so we have to decode on the fly which means FPS will be very bad during the entire duration of playing. This could be worked around using a light compression algorithm, but that is a lot of work.
  • It would make moderating games a billion times harder, as all voice clips will need to be moderated before posting on the forums. Plus, the game filter (the one that breaks share links when it detects bad content like swears) would also need to be updated as well. This would take even more time in the long run.

To make better games, you can always improve upon the graphics and music!

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Yes!!:heart_eyes: that would be sooooo useful for sound effects and stuff. I hope @richard or someone else could make an extension or something that could do that

I don’t think they will add this, because arcade machienes only have a buzzer.
In the beta version of makecode arcade, there is a wave block in the music category :man_shrugging: