Wall jump finisher

Wall jump your way to the finish line.

Challenge: Don’t touch the ground. The only time you can is at the finish line and the start.

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Was I not supposed to touch the blue box :fearful: oh nooo

but I loooooved the sword sticking into the wall. it looked so cool! I’m a big fan :smiley: And some of those jumps at the end made my hands sweat XD I was nervous

@livcheerful I edited the code to change it to a win. Also does anyone one know how to make the sprite drag down and go faster in order to make the sword like cut in the rock and let him fall but slower.


and for your question, does setting the velocity to a small number in the wall logic make it do what you want?

yes thanks!

:tada::balloon::confetti_ball::partying_face: yay

I added fireballs


I found an exploit

Ok you mean just wall jumping on the white walls on that part you mean

like the side

@LCProCODER yeah

Cool concept and I love the sword sticking to the walls. Great job!

I had to make changes from the sliding down walls but thanks and now it works

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This is not right

actually it was flickering of somesort

I just tried it out and it wasn’t flickering